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Minnesota House staffer admits to having child pornography

Law enforcement officials take allegations of sex offenses committed against children very seriously. This is why it is no surprise that law enforcement officials quickly acted on a tip that a Minnesota man was potentially guilty of distributing child pornography with his e-mail account. After police confronted the man, he admitted to having pornographic images of minors on his computer. He is now facing 12 very serious counts of possession of child pornography.

The man, who works as a staff member in the Minnesota House of Representatives, was suspected of the sexual offenses when his internet service provider tipped off law enforcement officials. Police then obtained a warrant and searched the man's house.

During the police search, the commander of the operation conducted an interview with the man while he was not in custody. At that point, the man admitted to having inappropriate pictures on his computer, but said he did not intend to distribute them. Investigators went through some of the photos in the man's presence and he said they would probably find more.

The police issued a warrant for the man's arrest and he was incarcerated. Since his arrest, he has posted the $10,000 bail for his release.

Anytime someone is accused of a sexually-based offense, it is a very serious charge. Not only do these crimes carry stringent prison terms, but they often require people to register as a sex offender if they are found guilty. Those on the sex offender registry often have difficulty obtaining jobs or finding housing after they have served their time behind bars.

This particular case is a reminder that individuals should wait to talk to the police until they have consulted with an attorney. When faced with potential sex crime charges, it's important to be advised of all your rights before giving the police information, especially if the accusations are serious. Everyone has the right to consult with a defense attorney in the event they are suspected of committing a legal offense.

Source: Pioneer Press, "Child-porn charges against Minnesota House worker: He turns self in," Mara H. Gottfried, Mar. 8, 2012

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