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Minnesota Viking's girlfriend recants in domestic assault trial

Frequently, the public believes that celebrities live care-free lives. However, just because someone has money and fame, does not mean they are not subject to complex problems in their personal lives. In the heat of the moment, when angered by a relationship conflict, people may act irrationally. As such, central Minnesota domestic violence cases often include a wide range of complex events and emotions.

The criminal trial against Minnesota Vikings player Chris Cook for domestic assault is rife with complex and emotional details. In the course of the ongoing trial, the player's girlfriend involved in the domestic violence claim has recanted her claims and apologized to police for telling them that Cook tried to choke her multiple times. After getting into a verbal dispute about their relationship, the girlfriend reported that Cook assaulted her.

In addition to the supposed victim backtracking on her claims, representatives for Cook hope to include evidence of a past incident involving the woman. At one point last year, the woman apparently became intoxicated and struck Cook in the face. The extensive history of this case shows that the nature of domestic violence cases is rarely simple.

Whenever someone files a claim of domestic abuse, it is placed into the hands of law enforcement. Even if someone recants their allegations of violence, the state can still move forward with criminal charges. In this case, Chris Cook will want to make sure his defense team is ready to handle this case, even though his girlfriend has backed off her claims. In cases such as this one, the consequences for domestic violence are far-reaching, so it's crucial to put forward a strong defense in complex cases.

Source: The Pioneer Press, "In Vikings' Chris Cook assault trial, victim's recantation figures into case," Emily Gurnon, Mar. 6, 2012

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