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Singer DeBarge arrested on drug charges despite comeback efforts

During the 1980s, El DeBarge filled central Minnesota radio waves with his hit songs. Shortly after that time, the singer developed serious addiction issues. At that time, he was arrested and convicted on drug charges. In 2009, DeBarge was ready to stage a major comeback with a Grammy-nominated album and drug-free lifestyle. He seemed at peace with his past and ready to continue building his musical legacy.

Unfortunately, the R&B singer apparently fell back into his old habits as he was arrested by law enforcement officials for possession of drugs with the intent to sell. According to police reports, DeBarge and another man were seen "acting suspiciously" while law enforcement officers were conducting an investigation nearby. Soon, narcotics officers found drugs in an area where the singer had been and he was quickly arrested on suspected drug charges. He has since been released on bail, but faces a court date in the coming month.

Like so many people dealing with addiction, DeBarge shows that it is a life-long struggle. Despite earnest efforts to turn his life around, it appears as though things are not going so well for the musician. In his case, it will be important to find a defense attorney who will take into consideration everything DeBarge has been through to get to this point.

At the same time, there are legitimate legal questions to which the defense should find answers. One of the most important aspects of a case involving drug charges is ensuring that the chain of custody has been verified and well-documented by arresting officers. If there are issues with the paperwork connecting DeBarge to the possession of the drugs, the charges against him may be seriously weakened. These are the kind of legalities that defense teams typically explore when trying to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients, due to the long-lasting repercussions of drug charges.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "El DeBarge drug arrest interrupts acclaimed comeback," March 22, 2012

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