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Veteran Minnesota firefighter confronts meth charges

Most life-time criminals tend to be a product of an underprivileged lifestyle. It appears as though well-respected and privileged individuals are never involved in serious crimes.

However, many people fail to realize that anyone can be accused of an offense. Even if you are a valued teacher, doctor, politician or lawyer in your community, you can inevitably experience a run-in with the law. For example, a respected pillar of the Minneapolis community is currently confronting serious drug offenses related to the possession and sale of methamphetamine.

According to reports, a 42-year-old firefighter was arrested at the University of Minnesota Fire Station for possessing methamphetamine.

Since the firefighter was taken into custody, the Hennepin County prosecutor's office is in the process of determining whether the negligible amount of methamphetamine seized from the man is sufficient to warrant criminal charges. If this is the case, the firefighter could be confronting allegations for the possession and sale of a non-controlled substance.

Ultimately, if the man is convicted of any drug charges, he may face professional consequences. Specifically, a guilty verdict could compromise his firefighting license.

Just because you are a professional, this does not mean that you are immune from criminal accusations. Nevertheless, you if you are facing criminal charges, there are options for you.

No one wants to let a drug charge affect their employment privileges. If you have been recently tangled up with the criminal justice system, you may want to retain legal assistance. An attorney can help protect your valued employment status.

Source: CBS Minnesota, "Meth-selling charges pending against firefighter," March 28, 2012

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