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Minnesota men arrested for drug possession

Two Minnesota men were arrested for drug possession while attempting to bring marijuana into the state. The men are facing potential felony possession drug charges that could result in significant jail time.

Police officers received a tip that the men would be transporting the marijuana from California to Minnesota in a red rental car. A drug task force along with local police forces in Iowa and Minnesota were put on alert for the car and the two men. Officers spotted the car and pulled it over for a speeding violation. The car was registered through a rental agency to the man they were looking for and the driver matched the description. The officer requested a canine unit to come and sniff the car. While waiting the men allegedly told the officer that they were on a business trip and were originally from Denver. The canine unit arrived and alerted the officers to presence of drugs in the car. Upon searching the car, police say that they found over 23 pounds of marijuana. The men were then placed under arrest.

These men are facing a minimum of two years in prison with the possibility of 30. There could also be a large fine involved that could cause financial strain for years to come. These men need to ensure that their rights are protected throughout this entire process. Even though they have been arrested, they should not speak to the police until they have communicated with an attorney. There is always the possibility that the police made a mistake or cut some corners and having an attorney can ensure those mistakes are not exploited. Any one arrested should speak to an attorney.

A felony conviction can have lifelong negative consequences. Speaking to an attorney can help protect your rights and mitigate some of those consequences.

Source: Owatonna People's Press, "Two Minnesota men arrested on felony drug charges in Steele County," Al Strain, Dec. 7, 2012

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